Bonnie Wise, Ph.D
  CA Lic. # Psy
        3353 Linden Ave
        Long Beach, CA 90807
          (562) 596-4002


I use different approaches to therapy depending on the problem.

   My main approach is Cognitive - Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  This approach helps clients to accept their problematic thoughts and act on them or change them.  This approach has proved to be effective for treating anxiety and depression.  
  To treat anxiety the client is helped to recognize, accept and change their dysfunctional uses of worrying.  The client is educated about the role of worrying in their disorder, and the triggers.  They are taught constructive ways of dealing with the worry in order to worry less.
   Depressed clients are helped to identify the negative thoughts that contribute to their depression.  The client is taught to challenge their dysfunctional thoughts and apply new ways of thinking.
   I also use the Humanistic approach.  This approach focuses on self-understanding and personal growth.  The goal is to gain insight into problems and improve self-concept.
   In my work with children I often use Behavior Modification.  The problem behavior is identified and parents are taught to use reinforcement and punishment to correct the behavior.  

   I am also a Grief Counselor.
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